I’m watching coverage of WWDC at the moment, and I’ll post anything I think is worthy as soon as it arrives.

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Sunvox on the iPhone?

I’ve been wondering when we might finally see sunvox come to the iPhone? It would be great to get this app running on this platform.

So what price would be fair to pay for Sunvox?

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MobileSynth update?

Just noticed a post on twitter about a possible update to mobilesynth the open source iPhone synth.

I hope that it is getting an update as it looked like a good open source project.

If you know more please comment in.

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Little Boots: Hands

Started to listen to themes release from Little Boots this morning. Impresses so far. Good solid synth pop. I especially liked the version of ‘meddle’ which is better than the original I think.

Once I’ve listen to the whole lot I’ll write something again

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