The Gadgeteer spends a week with the Pre

I’ve always been a big fan of the Gadgeteer for years now, and I always appreciate the honesty of their views. I’ll be watching their week with the Pre with interest.

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How about …

Got this anon comment today on a post about Buglabs:

Anonymous said…
Someone should build an iPhone app to integrate with Bug labs hardware so you could do some really cool stuff.

I have to say that I really like this idea in a big way. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these later in the year.

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Pianofly 1.1 soon

An update from miniMusic on the next version of Pianofly, which should be around soon enough. Here’s the news:

Pianofly has been chosen as a “New and Noteworthy” application by Apple. As a result it has climbed to the #4 spot in the North American App Store’s list of top paid music apps. For all of our new users: Thank you for trying out Pianofly! We’d be happy to hear your questions and comments; send us an email.

We are finishing up the 1.1 upgrade for Pianofly. This will add the most requested feature, a way to revert an instrument sound after changing it, and fix the known issue where the instrument bank will sometimes appear empty when you launch Pianofly (until you scroll). We expect it to be available for download in a couple weeks.

Pianofly at the app store:

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Another DGOS update

A further update from DGOS. Sound like a lot of hard work to me.

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Palm Pre launch day

Today’s the big day for Palm and their Pre smartphone. What will it mean for mobile music? To date most people have said that the Pre and webOS aren’t going to be good for mobile audio, but even so it does have some media apps that I’ve seen, so how much will it change the landscape?

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Pocket RTA from 4Pockets

4Pocket’s first audio app for the iPhone is their pocket RTA application which is currently available on Windows Mobile. I hope that this app does really well so that they bring their other music apps to the iPhone soon. Obviously I’d love to see MeTeoR on the iPhone.

Pocket RTA on the app store:
Pocket RTA - Spectrum Analyser

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iShred 1.6 coming soon

The guys at Frontier Design have been working on iShred 1.6 which will include:

backing tracks
new menus
finer tempo control
news updates and more.

iShred at the app store:
iShred: Guitar + Effects

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