Another DGOS update

Another update today from DGOS, good to know it is moving, and quite amazing to think that a whole OS is being developed by just one person.

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Concretedog and Warm Data in the cloud

Concretedog posts about Warm Data (the label he’s on) and their tracks available on SoundCloud, of which one is from his EP, which was excellent if you haven’t heard it.

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Pixelh8 Music Tech for iPhone and Android!

Having a little conversation on twitter with Pixelh8 about Google Wave and Music tech for iPhone and Android. Sounds like good and exciting things coming soon!

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4 Apps I’m looking forward to

There are 4 apps in the offing that I’ve been looking out for for a while now.

The two track version of this app is already out but YUDO have said that they have both an 8 and a 16 track version coming. In addition to this they’ve talked about adding synths a drum machine and effects too. I’m hoping that these will be the step forward for iPhone music making that the iPhone needs.

This is a great idea for an app. I hope that this app can act as a real bridge between iPhone music makers and the chiptune community.

The last two are Amidio apps, hexatone and keasis. Not much detail on either as yet but if they are as good as amidio’s other apps then they’ll be worth watching.

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App cull

In expectation of iPhone 3.0 coming next week and my hopes for an influx of new music and audio apps I’ve started culling some of the apps I’ve had sitting unused on my iPhone for too long.

I find it quite interesting to see how iPhone apps have evolved over the last year. To begin with the music app scene had very simple apps and in the last 12 months we’ve seen increasingly complex and diverse apps coming up.

So here’s to lots of innovation coming to the app store soon!!

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