Buglabs modules in the UK and more

At long last BugLabs have announced that they will be shipping to the UK and Europe in Q3.

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Another circuit bent VL-1

Here’s another circuit bent VL-1. Nice looking.

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iDrum DM app

I got an email from iZotope about the Depeche Mode version of iDrum that they’ve brought out. Initially I was very skeptical about this in the same way as I’ve been about all the other variations of iDrum that have surfaced. However, I read this:

Martin [Gore] used iDrum fairly regularly in his demos, in Logic, and quite a few of those original sounds will have made it through to the final versions. I also used iDrum on the iPhone for a couple of tracks, specifically “Perfect” which Daniel and I worked on in London during a break in the US sessions. All my gear was still in New York so I had my laptop and iPhone. It was quite handy to experiment with different grooves quickly on the iPhone, which we then sampled by plugging the headphone socket into various mic pres and amps. I found it very quick and creative. Most importantly you don’t have to interrupt the workflow on the computer, because you’re self contained, and mobile!

Which changed my opinion a bit, or at least made me pleased that an artist like Gore is using the iPhone for music.

iDrum DM version at the app store:
iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe

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MIDI Player for iPhone

Another iPhone / iPod Touch app I hadn’t noticed before (but then I’ve not been as vigilant of late). At face value it looks like a nice little MIDI player, at bit like MixPad for the (old) Palm OS.

I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with this app, as I’m keen to know how it performs.

MIDI Player at the app store:
Midi Player

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Curtis: Granular Synthesis on the iPhone


Curtis granular synth demo two from Lucas Kuzma on Vimeo.

I hadn’t noticed this app before. It sounds very interesting so I may well give it a try. Here’s what it is all about:

Granular synthesis works by combining many tiny grains of sound from an existing recording, generally creating new sounds with the textural properties of the recording. Granular synthesis allows you to regenerate the recording, playing it forward or backward at any speed, to skip around the recording playing tiny slices of it at random, or to loop a small portion with a varying loop size.

1] Touch the screen with two fingers and rotate a quarter circle to activate recording mode.

2] Use your phone’s microphone to record any sound. Try your voice, music from the radio, an instrument, your dog, anything!

3] Touch the screen with two fingers again to stop recording.

4] Touch or drag one finger anywhere on the screen to control grain synthesis. The long axis of the phone controls your read position; use this to select the portion of the recording you wish to read from. The short axis of the phone controls the grain size; use this to sample tiny slices or bigger chunks.

5] Double tap to disable or enable position slew. With slew enabled, the read position slowly moves to where you tapped. With slew disabled, you can jump directly to new positions in the recording.

Curtis on the app store:
Curtis - Granular Synthesizer

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Another DGOS update

Another update posted to the DGOS blog. Good to see that it moving along, it gives me hope that I might be able to do something interesting with the old Tungsten E’s I’ve got lying around.

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8bitone videos

This and 12 other 8bitone videos on YouTube. Really looking forward to this app in a big way.

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