Cool DS-10 blog

I stumbled over this DS-10 blog. How fantastic, a blog totally dedicated to the Korg DS-10.

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Sunvox poll

I tried to do this yesterday, but blogger had some problem. Anyway, for the next week we can work out what a fair price would be for Sunvox on the iPhone.

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Universal tracker player for the iPhone

A free tracker player for the iPhone. More details at True Chip.

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New NLog beta soon?

Looks like there may be more NLog goodness coming soon according to this tweet:

Working still on next beta, but played too long around with Virus TI 🙂 It is a good target for NLog synth. 1 or 2 more nights for beta..

I like the idea of the Virus TI being a target for NLog.

NLog in the iTunes app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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SoundGrid update

SoundGrid has been updated as follows:

– Redesigned UI
– New soundbank
– BPM Adjustment
– Delay effect
– Filters: highpass, lowpass, bandpass, notch and resonant
– Sharing of tracks

SoundGrid at the app store:

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Sunvox on sale

If you’ve been on the Palm Sounds Group or the Sunvox site you’ll know that Sunvox is on sale for $9.90 at the moment. So, what would you pay for the iPhone version then?

How about a little poll then?

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TUAW on micro podcasting

TUAW has a good post on micro podcasting including what Audioboo are up to.

I still haven’t made much progress in this direction personally, but what I’m waiting for is for services to be able to take audio already produced on the iPhone and upload that. I’m guessing that copy and paste should be able to do it, or perhaps developers will have to build micro podcasting services into their apps.

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