Instant Beat

I don’t know about you but I think that things are really slowing down on the iPhone side of things, so I’ve been having a look around for any apps that I’ve overlooked, and I found Instant Beat, which looks like a nice little drum machine app.

If you’ve tried this please let me know. It looked like a bit more than the standard drum type app, of which there are quite a few.

Instant Beat at the app store:
Instant Beat

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What will the next miniMusic release be?

Have released the excllent pianofly I was wondering what the next release from miniMusic will be?

Will it bea nother app that’s like one of there existing palm apps in the same way as pianofly was similar to soundpad but with lots more features? Or will it be something completely new and unique to theiphone ecosystem?

I guess we might find Putin July.

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Where is the intersection?

On e of the many things on my mind of late is how we’re beginning to see the use of audio in social media. Audioboo is a good example of this as is the use of Max/MSP in twitter.

But will we see new apps being developed with the ability to interact directly with these services? I think it would be really useful to be able to make a track on beatmaker and then post it up into audioboo right away.

Or how about making a patch in pianofly and sharing it in twitter there and then.

I don’t know of any developers who are contemplating using these kind of features in their forthcoming apps or updates, but it seems like a real opportunity to me.

What do you think?

iPhones and solar power

Does anyone have any suggestions on good reliable solar chargers for the iPhone? With the festival season approaching I think I might need one.

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iPods hacked with re-ware

iPods hacked with re-ware via Matrixsynth.

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Looptastic updates all editions

The original Looptastic app has also been updated (along with all the others I believe), and is now compatible with firmware 3.0. I guess we can expect this with lots of apps now as 3.0 becomes imminent.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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New iPhone to have Video

There have been loads of rumours about the new iPhone having video recording and editing, so will this mean that Apple will open the video API to developers? Is it already available in 3.0?

When I think about some of the excellent camera apps that have surfaced for the iPhone I can only imagine the kind of video apps that will arrive if this is opened up properly. One of the things I’ve really wanted to see was an app like TrakAx Mobile for the iPhone.

I guess I’ve only got a few weeks to wait to see what actually comes along.

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iShred review

iShred has had a very good review at TouchMyApps.

If you haven’t tried iShred before, you really should:
iShred: Guitar + Effects

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DM iDrum app

I have to apologise for not spotting this before, especially as someone pointed it out to me in a comment. I haven’t tried this particular iDrum version, but it is quite tempting. If anyone is using it please can you let me know what it is like, and I promise to pay more attention this time around.

iDrum DM Sounds of the Universe at the app store:
iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe

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More rumours of an Apple Tablet

In many ways it is inevitable that as the start of WWDC approaches we see more and more rumours about new devices, especially ones like this that just seem to come up every few months even though Apple say that they don’t want to be in the netbook market.

Having said that the Russion mac cloner has made a very nice looking mac netbook clone. If I was in Russia I might be quite tempted.

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