The Pre and iTunes Sync

There’s been lots of news about the new Palm Pre syncing with iTunes as though it was an iPod. This is good news for Pre users, but it does make me wonder where the Pre will install apps from? I’m guessing that won’t be via iTunes but through Palm’s own app store.

So, good in one way, but I still quite skeptical about the Pre for mobile music. It may be a great smartphone, but not for mobile music creation.

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DGOS blog gets multiple updates

Admittedly I don’t understand all of what’s going on here, but what I do get is that this is probably good news for legacy palm hardware. DGOS and the Re-ware project are starting to breathe new life into existing palm legacy hardware.

So, when DGOS is available will you give it a go?

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Musique non Talent: FM

Musique non Talent has this post on a new free FM synth app that looks really good, I’ll be interested to see what he makes of it.

Must give it a try soon.

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What does the Zune HD mean?

There’s been loads of news about Microsoft’s announcement of the Zune HD, and I have to admit that it does look really good, especially the screen. So, what does it mean for mobile music? I notice that it has games, but nothing I’ve read so far has mentioned anything about applications, and what it the OS it is running?

Anyone know more, or did I miss something?

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Ellatron 1.4 in review

Ellatron is getting another update. You can find all the details here.

You can find Ellatron on iTunes here:

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Happy Birthday Palm Sounds

It was the 25th of May 2006 when I started this blog, and at the time I had no idea that anyone at all would read it. Here we are in 2009 and it is still going.

So if you like palm sounds then please spread the word and let someone else who might be interested in mobile music know about the blog.

I hope to keep palm sounds going as long as there are people Reading and things to say.

Thanks for reading.

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What will more app stores mean?

It is probably fair to say that the whole app store concept from apple has been a big winner, especially as everyone else is jumping in or making noises at the least.

So, what will it mean for mobile music apps? Will we see the same kind of developer activity as in the app store as with Apple? Will there suddenly be loads of Windows Mobile music apps again, and Palm (webOS) too, if that’s possible?

Will the developers who are currently writing code for the iPhone branch out and port apps to new platforms, or write different apps?

It’d be interesting to know if any developers had given it any thought?

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What have you stopped?

I think it is fair to say that there’s been a bit of an explosion in the number of music apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. I would estimate that the number of music making apps of varying type dwarf those on both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile put together, even though the market is less than a year old.

So, since the launch of the app store, what have you discarded? Which apps, good and innovative at the time, have fallen off you device or simply out of use completely.

For me I started off with the Moo Cow apps as they came out, but find now that I don’t use them at all and have removed them from my iPhone now.

How about you?

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ASS: Arduino Step Sequencer

Here’s an excellent site showing you everything you need to know about making and coding the ASS.

Right at the end there’s a disclaimer which I found very helpful.

Disclamer: Everything might be wrong, nothing might be correct. you have been warned!

Thanks to Johan for sharing this excellent project.

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SoundGrid for the iPhone

This is another tenori-on like app, but it looks and sounds quite interesting from this video.

SoundGrid at the app store:

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