The Pre and iTunes Sync

There’s been lots of news about the new Palm Pre syncing with iTunes as though it was an iPod. This is good news for Pre users, but it does make me wonder where the Pre will install apps from? I’m guessing that won’t be via iTunes but through Palm’s own app store.

So, good in one way, but I still quite skeptical about the Pre for mobile music. It may be a great smartphone, but not for mobile music creation.

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  1. I’m less concerned, pending further demonstration of the legacy emulator. Assuming it works as expected, the pre will be at least as musical as a centro, which is a pretty damned musical device.

    And a larger multi-touch screen, faster cpu and broad public interest will hopefully result in some pretty cool stuff. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">This thing<> settling itself out is good, too.


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