iSyn update

iSyn has been updated and addresses some of the issues that had come up from the last update. Good to see that the issues are getting addressed.

iSyn at the app store:

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CDM on Novation Automap coming to iPhone

CDM writes about a control app for the Ableton. I like the idea, but I’m still not entirely struck with using controllers on the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Read more at CDM.

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Arduino on the BBC

This is a great little ad for the Arduino, and it did include one musical project.

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The Pre and iTunes Sync

There’s been lots of news about the new Palm Pre syncing with iTunes as though it was an iPod. This is good news for Pre users, but it does make me wonder where the Pre will install apps from? I’m guessing that won’t be via iTunes but through Palm’s own app store.

So, good in one way, but I still quite skeptical about the Pre for mobile music. It may be a great smartphone, but not for mobile music creation.

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DGOS blog gets multiple updates

Admittedly I don’t understand all of what’s going on here, but what I do get is that this is probably good news for legacy palm hardware. DGOS and the Re-ware project are starting to breathe new life into existing palm legacy hardware.

So, when DGOS is available will you give it a go?

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Musique non Talent: FM

Musique non Talent has this post on a new free FM synth app that looks really good, I’ll be interested to see what he makes of it.

Must give it a try soon.

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What does the Zune HD mean?

There’s been loads of news about Microsoft’s announcement of the Zune HD, and I have to admit that it does look really good, especially the screen. So, what does it mean for mobile music? I notice that it has games, but nothing I’ve read so far has mentioned anything about applications, and what it the OS it is running?

Anyone know more, or did I miss something?

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