Where is the intersection?

On e of the many things on my mind of late is how we’re beginning to see the use of audio in social media. Audioboo is a good example of this as is the use of Max/MSP in twitter.

But will we see new apps being developed with the ability to interact directly with these services? I think it would be really useful to be able to make a track on beatmaker and then post it up into audioboo right away.

Or how about making a patch in pianofly and sharing it in twitter there and then.

I don’t know of any developers who are contemplating using these kind of features in their forthcoming apps or updates, but it seems like a real opportunity to me.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Ashley,

    The future of Tweet A Sound will do just that. I’m working on it, but it will be a while before it is fully functional.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for commenting. That’s really interesting. Does this mean that this is going to be an iPhone app itself, or will it be Mac / Windows app?

  3. Oops, didn’t know you had posted a reply.

    For now, it would be a Mac/PC app, but I would love nothing more for it to become an iPhone app, even if just a light version. I would need to collaborate with an iPhone developer though.

  4. Coming to terms that most music apps are designed for coddling you along through a musical game to provide a culture music, design for purely improvisational performance is the exception that inspires. These types of apps are the ones that will survive and evolve.

  5. I think that devs should be looking to integrate audioboo and audiobooth into apps so that you could post audio to these social sites from inside a music app.

  6. If you could get apps to integrate like dopplerpad and fourtrack will then you could get audioboo integration too?

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