iPhones and solar power

Does anyone have any suggestions on good reliable solar chargers for the iPhone? With the festival season approaching I think I might need one.

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  1. How much portability do you need? Don't know if you can get this in the UK, but I have a Xantrex Technologies. Precharged-I think it would recharge your device several times. I am not sure if you could get enough from the solar each day (especially in cloudy weather) to charge the unit, though, and it is definitely too heavy to stick in a backpack.


  2. Anonymous, ha ha, indeed.

    A little solar panel isn’t going to guarantee that you get a charge when you need one.

    There are probably smaller backup batteries specifically for iPhones, though!

  3. I second the Freeloader, it works well with decent sunshine but you’ll not have a great deal of luck in the UK 🙂

    There’s a jumbo sized add on panel called the Supercharger which I have on order, I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

  4. The supercharger+freeloader combo turned out to pretty decent. It helped keep four people's phones, iPods, DS, GPS and cameras charged for a week!

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