Gravsynth at the app store:

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Handheld and handmade music at CDM

CDM handmade and handheld music tomorrow (Thursday) care of CDM, plus there’s a live video stream for all of us who aren’t in Brooklyn.

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Ellatron Remote Visualizer

The makers of Ellatron have come up with another excellent idea.

Now this is *COOL* – doubleplusgood as we used to say in the 1980s – a program that runs on the Mac, connects up to a running copy of Ellatron on your iPhone/iTouch, and displays Ellatron – all keypresses, all controls, all changes to the display – so that you can project it on stage, and show the 100,000 at Wembley Stadium that you really are playing an instrument, not just doubled up and pulling faces trying to get through level 14 of Rolando while a backing track plays …

Ellatron available at the app store:

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TonePad: Tenori-on app for iPhone

Another tenori-on type app for the iPhone. Synthtopia has all the details. I’ve sort of lost the plot with lots of these type apps.

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StudioApp update

StudioApp gets an update including import and export, album cover art, and new instrumentals.

Studio App available on the iTunes App Store

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Why no SDK for the iPod

It may sound like a daft question, but why is it that there isn’t an SDK for the iPod? Surely Apple could make even more money if they opened up the development of iPod apps and games to a bigger development community?

Just a thought.

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Listening to Holger

I was listening to Holger this morning and thought I might have a go at making a groove like some of the tracks on good morning story.

I used Mixtikl for this as I always know that I can come up with something quick using this app. That’s what I really likeabout Mixtikl, just how immediate it is. I’m really looking forward tohaving it on my iPhone too.

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