2 comments on “Stylophone Beatbox update”

Stylophone Beatbox update

There was an anonymous comment on a post I made back in March about the stylophone beatbox.

The comment states:

This is a very first prototype of the new Stylophone Beatbox. So this video is very premature. I’ve seen the latest prototype and it’s got a lot of promise. the record loop function is going to be brilliant !!!

I’d love to know more about the device, so if the anon commenter is reading then please keep us posted with what’s going on.

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1 comment on “8bitone video”

8bitone video

8bitone video. Looks great doesn’t it. Real nice sound too.

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1 comment on “Randgrid 1.0.4 update”

Randgrid 1.0.4 update

Randgrid gets an update. Version 1.0.4 includes autosaving on low memory warning..

Randgrid available at the iTunes App Store

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5 comments on “Will there ever be on board languages for the iPhone?”

Will there ever be on board languages for the iPhone?

I was thinking about iziBasic the other day and missing having the ability to start tinkering around with some code on my old Treo 650 and being able to build an app right there and then.

To be fair I never got around to making anything earth changing on the palm, but there were a bunch of languages like iziBasic, PocketC and onBoard C that have been around for a long time and have a good community of users.

I don’t know if this sort of stuff will continue on Palm’s ‘classic’ environment, but I just can’t see it happening on the iPhone somehow, although I think it would be great even in a sandboxed kind of a way.

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1 comment on “Palm Pre launch set”

Palm Pre launch set

According to the PalmInfocenter the Pre will launch on the 6th of June at a price of $199 after $100 mail in rebate. This is just before WWDC of course.

Is that a good price? I don’t know, not for a mobile music device anyway.

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3 comments on “What future for Portals?”

What future for Portals?

With all the big OS providers starting their own app stores what will happen to the likes of palmgear and pocketgear etc. Will there still be a space in the market for them, and will developers still want to submit their apps there?

I’d be interested to know any developer views on this.

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1 comment on “Radiophonic show”

Radiophonic show

Did anyone go to the Radiophonic show at the Roundhouse on Sunday. I couldn’t make it, buy I’d love to know what it was like if anyone was there.

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6 comments on “iSyn 1.1 issues”

iSyn 1.1 issues

There have been comments on the latest version of iSyn about crashes and other issues. I was using it last night and it crashed several times on me and I lost a whole track / project I was making. Anyone else having issues with this version?

iSyn at the app store:

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2 comments on “Thoughts on latest Bebot”

Thoughts on latest Bebot

I was playing with the latest version of Bebot yesterday. I love the new save presets function, it makes a big difference, but I’d still like to see a save performance type option. It’d be great to save some of those musings with this app.

Anyway, excellent update.

Bebot at the app store:
Bebot - Robot Synth

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