Little Boots at the Apple Store Regent Street

A bit of advance warning of this gig at the Regents Street Apple Store:

iTunes presents Little Boots

An exclusive set in the Apple Store, part of the iTunes Live from London series. Customers are advised to arrive early as space is limited. May 26, 9:00 p.m.

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Sometimes you’ve gotta have the t-shirt

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Whisper for iPhone

Whisper is one of those apps that I never got around to trying out. I’d like to, but the previous app from this developer I found a bit disappointing, maybe I will someday.

Anyway, the app has been updated with some fixes. If you have tried it out please let me know what you think.

Whisper at the app store:

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New Zune to feature xBox integration?

The Apple Blog has a good post on the rumours around Microsoft launching an iPod Touch competitor in the shape of a new Zune device with tight integration with their successful xBox platform.

Will it work? Maybe, but I doubt it will be much use for mobile music. What do you think?

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BassLine getting DSMi support

According to the BassLine site:

Coming soon: BassLine with DSMI support, allowing Windows and Linux users to establish the MIDI connection needed for Clock Sync.

BassLine at the app store

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i808 for iPhone

I’m sure that someone commented a while back that we’d had enough 303 apps, well now there’s an 808 app on the store. i808 is an 808 drum app, you can really get that from the title.

Check it out on iTunes for more information:
i808 Drum Machine

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8bit Retro Synth and Sequencer coming to the iPhone

Here’s another excellent looking app from those guys at YUDO. An 8bit synth and sequencer as promised by them with an expected release date next month. Here are the details.

★ Synthesizer

  • Monophonic
  • 1 oscillator or LowBitNoise.
  • LFO
  • Envelope
  • HiSpeed Arpeggiator

★ Sequencer Edit
With Truck manager on Sequencer screen, Composing is easy with Piano Roll format. In addition, Voice Change is equipped to produce different Voices in the song. 4 tracks are the maximum limit.

★ Voice Edit
The nostalgic sounds can be created here by turing knobs and operating sliders on Synthesizer screen. In 8Bitone, a group of values which are set on the Synthesizer screen is called “VOICE”.
Each one song can contains up to 128 Voices. In addition, playing with keyboard on the bottom of the screen can be enjoyable too. Move the wheel to control the Pitch.

★ Edit Controller
Edit Controller on the screen right side will show 3 types of monitor. Selection is operated by touching each of the monitor`s name.

★ Transcontroller
PLAY, STOP, COPY, PASTE, DELETE function for songs are performed in the Transcontroller.
In 8Bitone, Transcontroller will be turned on with TCR button of the screen upper part.

★ Recording
CD monoral qualitity (..wav files) can be recorded here, However, the CD quality may not have much meaning for those electric sounds.

★ PC Sync
The recorded datas can be sent to personal computers on the same WiFi network. They are downloadable from the WEB browser of desktop and laptop also. You can listen by iPod and use them for beep sounds on iPhones etc.

It looks excellent, and a nice piano roll sequencer too. Can’t wait !

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