Moondog Concert competition !

I’ve wanted to run a competition on the blog for ages, but until now I haven’t had anything really good to put on offer. Now I have.

Palm Sounds would like to invite all of you to a very special event that will take place at The Barbican on Sat 30th May – The Viking of 6th Ave – The Music of Moondog, a glimpse into the world of iconic blind American composer Moondog (1916-1999), whose music has influenced a generation of artists, from Philip Glass and Steve Reich to Charlie Parker, and later devotees like Mouse On Mars, Anthony Hegarty, Damon Albarn and Elvis Costello, with an extraordinary range of guests from the worlds of classical, pop, electronic and avant-garde music – Gruff Rhys and Bunf (Super Furry Animals), Lightspeed Champion,Caribou, Clinic and Four Tet among them.

For more info please check the Barbican site.

I realise that the Barbican London isn’t too convenient for lots of readers and that this will really be for those in or around the London area or those who are planning to be around London at the end of the month. Sorry about that.

So, thanks to the Barbican Palm Sounds is offering the opportunity to win one of two passes to the concert. Just email Palm Sounds (palm dot sounds at mac dot com) with your name.
The first two responses will win!

Good luck!

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The ‘in b flat’ project has a DS-10

The ‘in b flat‘ project has a DS-10 included in the videos which is great to see mobile music software and hardware being used in innovative projects.

Maybe I should submit something using a PDA or iPhone?

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Thomas Dolby and the VL-1

I got the latest Thomas Dolby ‘best of’ CD / DVD today. I noticed that on the video for ‘She Blinded me with Science’ there are three Casio VL-Tones that are brought in my boys into the operating theatre.

I’m glad to see that even back in the 80’s Mt Dolby was into mobile music making. I apologise that the photos are so blurred, so I’ve added the video and you can see the VL-Tones at about 3 minutes 14 seconds.

Know any other videos with mobile music stuff in it?

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“coo2” is another new synth for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The vertical axis of the screen shows the music scale. Various scale type can be selected by clicking the “Scale” button of Tab Bar. The the root key and the octave can be changed with the arrow buttons in the right of the screen. The horizontal axis of the screen is used as a controller for various modulations. Please select a favorite effect by clicking the “Modulation” button of Tab Bar.

coo2 at the app store:

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Is there a way to record calls on the iPhone?

I know that on the old Palm smartphones and on Windows Mobile there were a number of apps available for recording calls, but is there anything similar for the iPhone? I haven’t been able to find anything but I’d like to know if anything exists.

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Will 3.0 bring file system access?

I was chatting to a friend last week and he mentioned to me that he thought that Apple’s iPhone 3.0 was going to allow some limited access to a file system. I haven’t heard anything like this before, but I wondered if any developers knew about this and if it might alleviate the sandboxing restrictions on apps?

Anyone know or have views on this?

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Rectools 02: Tutorial video

RecTools02 tutorial movie (in Japanese) with English subtitles though.

Rectools at the app store:

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