2 comments on “Happy Birthday BeatPad, 9 today !”

Happy Birthday BeatPad, 9 today !

9 Years ago today BeatPad from miniMusic was first launched. BeatPad has grown and developed since then, and I’d hope that we might see it or something similar to it from miniMusic in the app store in the not too distant future.

Here’s the original news item:

May 15th, 2000
BeatPad is now available for purchase. We have also posted a full featured demo for you to try before buying the software. It may show up at our distributors at different times over the course of the day, so please be patient. BeatPad is a very powerful little program, but to get the most out of it you will want to connect it to some MIDI hardware (like a keyboard, synthesizer, or sound module). Check out our new MIDI page for more details.

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1 comment on “Pianofly 1.1 coming along”

Pianofly 1.1 coming along

Pianofly 1.1 is on the way including revert sound, select sound while playing, and I wonder what else?

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0 comments on “London’s iPhone Orchestra (via The Apple Blog)”

London’s iPhone Orchestra (via The Apple Blog)

I never get to hear about these things in time! I wish I had gone to this, it sounds like it was a lot of fun.

The Apple Blog has all the details, and there’s a video here.

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Elementals for iPhone

Another new approach to making mobile music comes from ‘Elementals’ for the iPhone / iPod Touch.  Here’s how the app is described:

The concept of Elementals is to provide a simple user interface to create music by placing and swapping icons,called Elementals, on sections of the iPhone screen, called Islands.

The audio generated is a combination of the Elemental providing the audio sample and the Island shaping how the audio is played. You can change the music by moving the Elementals, swapping Elementals, gently shaking the device, and recording your own audio to a Elemental.

Elementals Features:

  • Customize your own music using unique samples
  • Choose an Elementals audio while playing music
  • Simple interaction produces interesting music
  • Utilize shake gesture to easily mix or start music
  • Adjust volume per island/sample
  • Record your own audio tracks, up to 7 tracks available
  • Add delay to recorded audio

This reminds me of a really odd alarm clock thing a friend gave to me ages ago, but I can’t remember the name of it.

Also worth mentioning that this app is 107mb in size.

Elementals at the app store:

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0 comments on “Calabarock community”

Calabarock community

When I first saw this I thought it was another AudioBoo type network, but it is far more focused at mobile musicians. Taking a look at the site there doesn’t seem to be much on there at the moment, but hopefully it will grow, as it is a good idea.

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0 comments on “NLog Synth Free version”

NLog Synth Free version

This is a free version of the excellent NLog synth. It has 32 factory sounds, plus 7 bonus sounds and uses the NLog Sound Engine. Editing is available by 4 selectable performance parameters, but I assume there is no save.

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0 comments on “Little Boots might get some attention from this”

Little Boots might get some attention from this

I couldn’t post the video, but read all about this here if you’re interested in Little Boots.

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2 comments on “Velocity sensing on the iPhone (via CDM)”

Velocity sensing on the iPhone (via CDM)

This came from CDM this morning. Very interesting idea if Peter is correct about how it is accomplished. I think it’ll good to give this a try when it comes to the app store.

I think I’ll take a look at this in a bit more detail.

This app is now on the app store. Click here.

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4 comments on “Web apps on the iPhone and the Pre”

Web apps on the iPhone and the Pre

As far as I know the Prr uses apps built in CSS HTML and Javascript. Am I right in thinking that this is quite similar to web apps on the iPhone, and if it is then isn’t that quite a light set of technologies for something as ‘groundbreaking’ as the Pre?

Does anyone use web apps on the iPhone?

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0 comments on “Intermorphic update on Mixtikl”

Intermorphic update on Mixtikl

Intermorphic have posted an update on the progress of their Mixtikl port to the iPhone. Sounds like it is a big piece of work!

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