Arduino & Processing Synth (via Synthtopia)

Arduino & Processing Synthesizer from anthony mattox on Vimeo.

Interesting design using arduino and processing via Synthtopia.

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Smule release Leaf Trombone Lite & Free

Today, Smule releases Leaf Trombone Lite & Free, a simplified version of Leaf Trombone World Stage that gives users the ability to play the instrument and experience the game’s features before purchasing the full version. Available now for the iPhone and iPod touch, this new version of the massively multi-player musical game enables users to try the Leaf Trombone, learn a new song, and observe the happenings on the World Stage.

I’m still not sure that I get this app properly. If anyone has tried it then please let me know.

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True Chip on DMG-01 Pitch Modification

True chip has this post on this modification which they strongly recommend !

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Open source and mobile music

I was wondering why there are so few open source mobile music projects? I know about mobile synth for the iPhone but I can’t think of any others which is strange as there are plenty of free apps out there.

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Anyone used the forum?

Has anyone tried out the new palm sounds forum as yet? If you have please let me know what you think and if you haven’t then why not take a look?

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