Bebot updated

Bebot has had an update. The main update is that you can now save your sounds and scales, which I know was the one major feature that people wanted from Bebot.

Bebot at the app store:
Bebot - Robot Synth

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CDM: Reware your old PDA

Reware your PDA from Hans-Christoph Steiner on Vimeo.

I’ve been following Reware for a while, and when Peter from CDM got involved I knew we were going to get something awesome out it. Read more here and make that old PDA or iPod useful again.

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No Bhajis on the iPhone

More proof that there’ll be no Bhajis on the iPhone:

Given that the iPhone is more powerful and that the development tools are wayyyyy better, this wouldn’t be so difficult. Expected time: ~ 2 months.

I simply don’t have the time to work on the project again.

And remember that using the stylus as an input device plays a big rule in the Bhajis Loops’ experience… It would be hard to squeeze as much information on a touch UI.

A bit disappointed, but not unexpected.

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Record with miniSynth

Yonac publish details of how to record with the latest version of miniSynth.

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Little Boots on Breakfast TV with Tenori-on

Nice little interview with Boots playing her Tenori-on and includes an impromptu performance of ‘Stuck on Repeat’.

Via Synthtopia.

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OT: Paperduino (via Matrixsynth)

“This is a fully functional version of the Arduino. We eliminated the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the result is.. the PAPERduino :D”

Unusual no? Via Matrixsynth.

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True Chip has videos from Blip 07

Available on the excellent True Chip blog are a series of videos from Blip 07. You can find them here.

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