On the road with Mixtikl

IMG_0242, originally uploaded by palmsounds.

I think Mixtikl is a great app on Windows Mobile, but I can’t imagine how good it will be on the iPhone.

Got the t-shirt

IMG_0235, originally uploaded by palmsounds.

Got the synth, and got the t-shirt.

New track on MySpace

For those who are interested I’ve just uploaded a new track to the Palm Sounds MySpace page called ‘Method‘.

The track is made using Mixtikl.

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Sunox in the car

Sunox in the car, originally uploaded by palmsounds.

I should spend more time in the car really.

Mobile Music for Everyday People event

If you expect to be in or around Minneapolis on the 23rd of May you might want to try out this event:

Mobile Music for Everyday People: A Symposium on Mobile Music and Sound
Friday, May 22, 8am-6pm
Saturday, May 23, 8am-3pm
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Keynote Speaker:
Michael Bull, author of Sound Moves: iPod Culture and Urban Experience

Featuring Ali Momeni and Jenny Schmid with Minneapolis Art on Wheels

More details are available at the Mobile Sound blog.

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On the train with … Looptastic

I was using Looptastic Producer on the train this morning. What an amazing app. The tempo / stretch control is completely seamless. This app has gone from strength to strength and I hope it keeps on going.

Hopefully with the advent of iPhone 3.0 the developer might add in app purchase of loop packs or something similar. I’d also like to see some more Kaoss pad like effects, but even without those it is superb.

Looptastic Producer edition at theapp store:
Looptastic Producer

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Megasynth sequencer video

Megasynth sequencer video from Yonac.

Megasynth at the app store:

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