Hardware for iPhones

One of the things that Apple announced with iPhone 3.0 was the ability for hardware manufacturers to access the OS via the dock so that accessories could be used by applications.

There’s been very little said about this in any of the many Apple rumour blogs so far, but I wonder what we will see from the likes of Alesis and Belkin who have both been very active with the iPod in the past.

Personally I’d like to see something that gives the iPhone / iPod Touch a real keyboard in a little fold out case so you can have access to real keys on the go, and a mic jack would be good too.

What sort of hardware would you like to see next?

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  1. Nothing overly radical – USB (and USB host) would suit me. Would be great to plug in portable midi input devices like Korg nanos, and maybe even those cheesy roll-up midi keyboards would be fun. I’ve got so many input devices that I’d love to be able to plug in: game pads, data glove, P8000 (my little secret), DJ controller etc.

    Not sure Apple would be happy having devices that require a 3rd party driver though.


  2. 2 separate stereo outs. Pacemaker is a good idea, but the price they charge for their separate esoteric piece of hardware is crazy for beginners and intermediates… and for pros they usually can work something out with their traditional laptop or CD player rig.

    What I would like to see is Pacemaker (or another device maker) make a dual stereo out accessory for the iphone/touch with a corresponding bundled DJ app.


  3. Nice idea with the DJ side, I’ve been hoping that Pacemaker do that too.

    Rob, I think you’re right about Apple not wanting drivers from 3rd parties.

    I do hope there’ll be some decent new add-ons though.


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