Moonbuz on Jasuto

Moonbuz has got this news on the future of Jasuto. Sounds very intriguing indeed:

I can say that things are shaping up nicely and hopefully by the end of the month there should be something testable.

Also even before that I’m likely going to release an update that will include the band-limited oscillators, some minor graphics fixes, and iPhone 2.0 OS compatibility.”

So, I wonder what’s in the big update?

Jasuto is available at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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Pianofly getting a slight name change

Looks like Pianofly will get a name change:

Wasn’t clear in the App Store what Pianofly was. Mistaken for a toy or kids game. Renaming it “Pianofly Pro Synth”. New video soon…

I think the new name is good though.

Pianofly at the app store:

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PDa running on BugLabs

Sounds like Peter Kirn and the chaps at Reware have been getting PDa going on Buglabs hardware, which sounds really exciting. Of course, buglabs boards aren’t available in the UK as yet, but even so, one day they will be.

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Looptastic Producer Edition update

Looptastic Producer now has tempo control in the latest version.

Looptastic Producer edition available at the iTunes app store by clicking the button below:
Looptastic Producer

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New Palm Sounds site now available

A week or so ago I said that there would be a new site coming soon, and here it is. Although it is really just a bit of an overhaul, there is one new thing, a forum, which I hope works ok, so please do give some feedback.

There will be more pages coming over the next few weeks, and some more interesting features too.

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RecordStudio Lite

RecordStudio lite is the 2 track version of RecordStudio. The lite version has the same features, but is limited to only 2 tracks.

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Arduino Step Sequencer (ASS)

Step Sequencer using Arduino via Matrixsynth.

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