Mics for the iPhone

I’ve seen quite a few mics for the iPod touch but I’ve no idea if these work on the iPhone.

Does anyone know of or have any experience of using an external mic for the iPhone I’d be really interested in knowoing how you got on.


  1. Here in Taiwan there are lots of little plug in mics for the iphone / iTouch, however every one I have tried has sounded tinny and thin. I’m really hoping the 3.0 software will allow developers to make hardware dongles that allow us to plug our own mics into them.
    At the moment there is no way to use a mic from the doc connector, only through the headphone jack. I would also love to find an adaptor that would give me an 1/8th inch female jack instead of a 10cent mic glued on to $10 headphones.


  2. I’ve heard a lot people that have an Ipod Touch 2g looking for a mic,but I’ve never heard of someone that has an Iphone looking for a mic, cause the Iphone has it’s own build in mic already.


  3. Macally makes a couple of mics for the iPod Touch. These mics also have line inputs (stereo mini-jack). I expect that they would work with the iPhone and wonder if the line input could then be used with mics that do not need power.


  4. Robman4 introduced me to the Macally mics. I got the cheaper one that does not have a speaker.
    Warning about the speaker-less black model: it blocks all but the most petite mini-jack headphone connectors. Terrible design flaw.
    Luckily, I have an extension cord that does not protrude much so I can monitor with my earphones.


  5. I bought a ThumbTack mic for my iPod Touch 2G. I use it with the FiRe app and the results are suprisingly good. Good enough for a blog or even capturing audio for my music software. The recording is mono but if you need something that you can carry around easily then this is a great buy.


  6. I am able to use my Belkin TuneTalk Stereo mic on my iPhone 3G. I do get an error message when I plug in the mic saying “this accessory is not made to work with iPhone”. However it works perfectly with the application: iTalk. Not sure if it would work with other apps…


  7. Thanks for all the suggestions on mics.

    Rob, thanks for offering to test your mic on an iPhone, but please make sure it doesn’t fry your mate’s phone.

    MikeO, interested that this mic works even when it says i wonder what other hardware will operate in the same way?


  8. I can confirm the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo works with the new iPhone 3G S. I plugged in an external Shure mic and launched iTalk and it works great. I also launched the iPhone camera and switched it to video mode and audio was recorded from the attached Shure external mic. Now, just imagine the possibilities there. Get a cheap wireless mic and you can take cell phone video to whole new level of production quality 🙂 Like MikeO, I too get the “accessory not made for iphone message” when I first connect the Belkin TuneTalk but it does indeed work fine for video and the iTalk app. The only oddity is that it did not work with the new iphone 3.0 native voice recorder software from apple. Hope this real world report helps.


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