True Chip interview with Oliver Wittchow Pt 2.

The excellent True Chip blog posts part two of this interview with Oliver Wittchow, creator of Nanoloop.

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Mixtikl iPhone version moving forward

Pete Cole’s latest blog post on the progress of Mixtikl into the iPhone platform sounds good. I’m intrigued to see how the sync with the desktop will work between mac and iPhone.

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Ellatron 1.3 in review

Ellatron 1.3 is in review with Apple. Here’s what is coming:

The latest version features 16 chord banks, where a chord bank is effectively a ‘song setting’ consisting of 8 programmable chords on the pads and a pair of Tape Frames for the pads and lower manual. Plus – we have some great tonewheel organ sounds, bringing the organ collection up to 5 and the total number of Tape Frames up to 24!

You can find Ellatron on iTunes here:

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Mics for the iPhone

I’ve seen quite a few mics for the iPod touch but I’ve no idea if these work on the iPhone.

Does anyone know of or have any experience of using an external mic for the iPhone I’d be really interested in knowoing how you got on.

Star Melody FREE

Star Melody FREE for the iPhone has now arrived. The free version has about 10% of the functionality according to Amidio.

Star Melody (FULL) at the app store:
Star Melody

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Synthesizer 3.1

Synthesizer has been updated and now includes a bitcrusher.


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