Snippets from the MotionApps interview

I’m guessing that some will have read all of this interview, but for those who haven’t and are interested in Classic on Palm’s webOS I thought I might pick out a few bits:

(PC): We’ve been very impressed with the graphical capabilities of Classic running PalmOS games — what sort of technical challenges did you have to overcome to reach that level of performance?
(MA): We dealt with some very low-level APIs and data structures of PalmOS and webOS. For example, we had to reengineer certain parts of PalmOS and often we felt like we were creating a new OS which is something that you rarely have a chance to do. It was very challenging, but we also had a lot of fun doing the work.

I thought this was interesting, I hope that the ‘low level APIs‘ they’re talking about include sound.

(PC): We’ve heard from Palm that Classic has ‘more access’ to the underlying webOS than your standard application, which is based solely on web technologies. Can you talk a bit about what standard webOS SDK elements you’re using for Classic and perhaps even some of the ‘non-standard’ stuff you’re doing?
(MA): We used standard SDK that Palm published few weeks ago, but besides that we also had to use some low-level stuff of webOS.

Same again with this quote.

To date I haven’t had a response from MotionApps to my questions about Bhajis loops, and I don’t expect one now, but I do hope that Classic is worthwhile for those heading in the Pre and webOS direction.

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