Another Tenori-on type app. This one does sound quite good. I’d like to hear from anyone who has tried it out and would like to give some opinions on the different ones at the app store.

Melodica at the app store:

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  1. Not tried this one yet as I’ve tried a few now that basically do the same thing – a 10/12/16 step sequencer.

    ToneBoard sounds nice but is very basic and oddly has 10 steps for the sequencer. Graphics are simple but cute.

    SoundMatrix tries to go a bit further by adding an extra pair of “tracks” for drum sounds as well as the full 16×16 grid. Also you can fiddle with the synth sounds a bit. Has a sequence sharing system. The problem I had with it was timing stability and sound “pops and clicks”. It’s also free, which is nice. Not a big fan of the graphics or drum sounds.

    Tone-matrix I’ve not tried either. Looks pretty.

    CellDS is still far in advance of all of these in terms of Tenori-on style functionality. Would so love Bret to write CellDS for the iPhone. I’ll ask him now.

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