Idea for a new Amidio Star series app!

How about ‘Star Drum’? Just like the othe Amidio Star series apps but this time with drums.

This is how I see it working. The app would be able to use sounds created out of Noise IO Pro and have a bank of presets too. When you’d made you pattern or sequence you could export it to BeatMaker and use it there.

PSynth for iPhone

Another synth for the iPhone, PSynth is a recorder / synth. The developer’s site describes the app like this:

PSynth is Clockwork Software’ s amazing hand held recorder/synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Using PSynth you can record and save those melodies that pop into your head from time to time and you can express them with an almost infinite variety of unique sounds.

PSynth’s architecture and capabilities are similar to that of a Mini-Moog or a Roland Juno synthesizer but with the addition of a built in multi-track sequencer. Many of the synthesizer sounds heard in todays contemporary music can be emulated with PSynth. Unlike old analog synthesizers, PSynth is implemented entirely in software in the digital domain. This means all timing aspects of PSynth are rock solid and totally synchronous and PSynth will never, ever go out of tune.

PSynth turns the iPhone and iPod Touch into a complex music production device which will take time to completely master. In experienced hands, PSynth is a serious musical instrument. For all users, PSynth can be a source of wonder and delight with the multitude of sounds and sonic textures it can create.

Clockwork Software’s PSynth has the following features:
• Multi-track recorder/sequencer
• Three voice polyphony
• Full automation of all synth elements
• Three oscillators + one LFO
• Oscillators have 7 octave range
• Oscillators have four selectable waveforms
• Oscillators can run in tracking mode or polyphony mode
• Oscillators can be detuned in relation to each other
• Oscillators can be amplitude or frequency modulated to a user selected level
• Built in metronome with tappable tempo and selectable beats per measure
• 24db/octave variable resonance Low Pass sweepable filter
• Pink noise generator
• Two Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) type envelope generators for driving filter and
amplitude envelopes
• Reverb effect
• Ability to save and load scenes and songs
• All aspects of operation run in real time

I don’t know what this app is like, so if you’ve got any experience with this app, please let me know.

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Bhajis Loops will run on Classic

Following a thread on Bhajis Garden, Olivier (developer of the awesome Bhajis Loops) says (of Palm’s new webOS):

The new OS won’t allow the development of music apps (only a very high level API based on Javascript + HTML + CSS is provided, no low level access to the hardware).

Still, an emulation layer will allow old apps (Bhajis Loops !!) to run.

Can we take it from this that the users of the new Pre and webOS will be able to run Bhajis and Microbe too?

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Musique non Talent on iPhone Keyboards

Musique non Talent has an excellent post on iPhone Keyboards and the relative merits of a variety of approaches. This is a really good review of a good range of keyboard based apps and is definitely worth a read.

In fact, I hope that some developers give this a read too. It would be useful to see their feedback.

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Why no codes in the UK?

Why is it that Apple won’t let UK App Store users accept promo codes from developers? Have I missed something? Did this get updated a while back or is it just as it was when Apple brought in promo codes?

Anyone know any more?

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