Bhajis Loops will run on Classic

Following a thread on Bhajis Garden, Olivier (developer of the awesome Bhajis Loops) says (of Palm’s new webOS):

The new OS won’t allow the development of music apps (only a very high level API based on Javascript + HTML + CSS is provided, no low level access to the hardware).

Still, an emulation layer will allow old apps (Bhajis Loops !!) to run.

Can we take it from this that the users of the new Pre and webOS will be able to run Bhajis and Microbe too?

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  1. The only thing I disliked about Bhajis was that you were pretty much stuck with 4/4. I wanted to waltz with Bhajis on my Palm Zire 72, but couldn’t 🙁

    Perhaps now is the time to look forward once more? Come on Olivier! That PhD malarky can’t be all it’s cracked up to be now eh?

  2. I’ve asked many times, I just don’t think he’s interested in going back over old ground again. Maybe if he was to do something really innovative in the mobile space for iPhone but personally I just can’t see it.

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