CDM on Indamixx

CDM writes about the different flavours of Indamixx product. The netbook does look nice, but overall I still prefer something that’ll fit in my pocket. You can read more at CDM.

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Monotonic Labs Type N37 Synthesizer

Monotonic Labs Type N37 Synthesizer via Synthtopia

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Concretedog on Moondog

Concretedog laments his distance from London. The moondog concert at the Barbican does look good, so I can understand how he feels. I was reading about Moondog in the Wire just the other day, so I’d like to hear it too.

However, I could have some interesting news on this gig in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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Any ideas for Android apps?

A little while ago I wrote about a post on CDM about music apps for Android. Well, Peter at CDM commented that we should send ideas for Android apps to him, so please do!

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Moving over

I saw an article earlier about filemaker porting their personal database app bento to the iPhone. So what’s this got to do with mobile music? Good question. It made me think about developers who have written apps on other platforms and who are now moving to the iPhone platform.

The one that immediately springs to mind is miniMusic, but of course Sunvox is part way through porting as is Mixtikl. So what about others? Why not Griff or even Bhajis? Itwould be great wouldn’t it.

Palm Sounds

An iPod on a pot, and if you look very carefully you can see the words “Palm Sounds” on the iPod screen.

From a ‘young’ mobile music fans.

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Pianofly videos

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