ToneBoard for iPhone

There have been a few comments from people about the need for a Tenori-on clone app for the iPhone. Well, here’s one that describes itself as just that. I haven’t tried it, but if you have, then please let me know.

ToneBoard at the app store:


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  1. I’ll try it later when on my pc. It won’t install via the app store on my iPod as it says it needs an iphone. I wonder if apple will stop that from happening with os 3 when developers forget to allow installation on all devices?


  2. This is a 10 step sequence player with one bell-like timbre and no adjustments at all, not even tempo. I doubt any updates will make Toneboard “similar to Tenori-on” like the description says. Even the ancient Paklsound app is better than this.


  3. Hmm, it is very basic. I don’t quite understand the fact it has 10 steps but 16 notes. Surely 16 steps would make sense?

    Hopeful of something worth my money soon :o)

    CellDS is still the best mobile version of a Tenori-on i can find.


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