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NLog Synth Sound Bank

Those who are users of the excellent NLog synth on the iPhone platform will be pleased to hear that the NLog web site will soon be able to host banks of sounds. To start this off I’m looking for a few volunteers to create the ‘PS Readers Collective’ sound bank.

If you’re interested please email me at palm dot sounds at mac dot com.

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2 comments on “No new Palm or Windows Mobile software?”

No new Palm or Windows Mobile software?

I’ve been searching for new or updated Palm or Windows Mobile apps for ages now, and with the exception of Sunvox there’s next to nothing to talk about.

This really is a sad state for these platforms, as they have both supported some truly excellent music applications over the years. It would be such a shame if developers really did walk away.

I don’t know what could happen to change this. Whether the Pre and webOS will help, or Windows Mobile 7 for that matter.

So, if you have any news of Palm or Windows Mobile music or sound applications please let me know.

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Thoughts on Star Melody

Star Melody is a friendly little app that does take the concept of Bloom further. I’ve enjoyed using Star Melody. It is simple and straightforward, but I’m not sure I would say that if I were a complete music newbie. I haven’t used Bloom for ages now, but I can see myself using Star Melody simply because it extends the concept and makes it more useful from a musician’s perspective.

I think that Star Melody is targeted to a different audience to bloom, or perhaps bloom users might move up to Star Melody. Either way this is another good app from Amidio, who are constantly putting out high quality and innovative apps. I hope they continue.

Star Melody at the app store:
Star Melody

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FIRe and the Cloud

A little while ago I posted on an audio recording tool called ‘FIRe’. A well polished audio app. Once I’d bought FIRe I noticed that it includes integration with SoundCloud.

That started me thinking about file interchange between audio and music apps. Surely, if apps could all link into a service like SoundCloud then you could upload from one app, and download it from another. Would this get around the problems that most of us are having?

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

2 comments on “Is this the YUDO multi-tracker?”

Is this the YUDO multi-tracker?

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who posted a comment to this site. If this is the new multi-track then it does look good.

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Star Melody video

Star Melody for the iPhone. Nice video. I’ve found this quite an intriguing application, I was playing with it this morning.

Star Melody at the app store:
Star Melody

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5 comments on “ToneBoard for iPhone”

ToneBoard for iPhone

There have been a few comments from people about the need for a Tenori-on clone app for the iPhone. Well, here’s one that describes itself as just that. I haven’t tried it, but if you have, then please let me know.

ToneBoard at the app store:


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Star Guitar update

Star Guitar has been updated and now includes the ‘soloist’ feature as in Star Piano.

Click the link below to find Star Guitar at the iTunes App Store

Star Guitar

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Theremin for N810

Sorry to igagis for not posting this sooner. Details of the Theremin app for N810 can be found here.

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Hexatone and Keasis update

Following my previous post on these apps, here’s some more info on Hexatone and Keasis from Toyobunko:

Hexatone will be the first to be released, hopefully within 2-3 weeks, and Keasis will follow in June. Those apps will be more professional-oriented than Star-apps. (We try to keep some balance).

I’m really looking forward to these two now, not that I wasn’t looking forward to them before you understand.

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