Pacemaker DJ 2.0 (PM60) now available

The smaller Pacemaker is now available for $599 (as opposed to $699 for the 120gb version). The lighter 60 GB Pacemaker, with the same functionality as its predecessor, but with a stripped accessory package.

Included in the box:
• Pacemaker 60 GB
• USB cable

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New YUDO apps?

It was early March when the YUDO SV-5 Vocoder video had details of the projects that YUDO had in the pipe:

  • 16 track multitrack with mixer + 14 effects
  • 8bit Music tool with sound module and sequencer
  • Analogue synth with sequencer and effector

Here we are in the Spring of 2009. I still have high hopes for the multitrack. If it is anything as good as their vocoder it will be amazing.

Anyone know more about the status of these?

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What are Hexatone and Keasis?

A closer look at the Amidio site and it appears that they have another two apps coming along.

Hexatone is described as a ‘jaw dropping music app‘, and Keasis as a ‘mind stretching music app‘.

I can’t wait.

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Noise IO LE

Having only just released Star Melody, the third app in their ‘Star’ range, Amidio have no launched Noise.IO LE, and scaled down version of their flagship synth app Noise IO Pro. This lite version features 24 of the best user sounds.

Noise.IO LE at the app store: LE

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Nano bag

Korg have produced a new case for their Nano series of controllers. The case can take all three nanos and also a USB hub and cables. The comes with the case and all for only £19.99.

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