Looptastic Record function

This morning I tried out the new record function on Looptastic. I have to say I was impressed. You can start messing about with a mix and then if you like what you’ve done all you have to do is press the record button and give the mix a name.

Everything you’ve done including filter controls is recorded from the moment you started the mix. The playback is excellent too.

3 responses to “Looptastic Record function”

  1. robman84 says :

    I’m a little surprised this app is so low profile, given how unique it is and how well it performs.

    I’d expect to hear about top DJs using it by now.

    Perhaps they should bundle everything together into the producer app instead of the different versions. They could charge a bit more for it I reckon. Maybe with OS 3 they’ll be able to do micro charging per loop pack.


  2. Palm-Sounds says :

    I’ve had contact with a couple of developers around the ‘in app content’ feature coming in 3.0. They’re saying that they’re planning on using it for selling content such as loops etc.


  3. Anonymous says :

    Have loved this one, but haven't got around to putting my own apps in


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