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Pianofly is on the way

The latest news from miniMusic is their new Pianofly app is on the way soon, and it is good. What’s more, miniMusic have more in the pipeline.

I’m hoping we’ll see something like NotePad for the iPhone. There’s a real gap for notation apps on the iPhone and NotePad is a superb application.

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Screenshots from the latest version of Digidrummer

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More Sunvox news

If you were wondering about Sunvox coming to the iPhone, here’s some news from NightRadio:

Now i think, that 50% of SunVox porting done approximately. At least GUI works fine on my iphone 🙂 Next steps are the sound, simple web-server for files exchange and some more interface optimization.

All sounding good to me.

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Gary Go at the Apple Store

Following my last post on the this artist playing using only iPhone apps, I got informed by the developer of Ellatron that Gary had played at the Apple store and used Ellatron in the performance.

This seems to be becoming a bit more common now doesn’t it.

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I was working on a track in Sunvox this morning. I am constantly amazed at how flexible and powerful the app is. Today I was using the song editor or whatever it is properly called. Once you get into it the process for putting together a song is really simple.

I do hope that Sunvox makes it tithe iPhone as I think it is going to appeal to a lot of people who wouldn’t have had access to it before.

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