Megasynth 1.0.1

Here’s the detail on the update to MegaSynth:

The 1.0.1 update is available as of today. It features a number of improvements to the output saturation guard (it is now harder to accidentally overload the signal), and fixes some of the presets that caused clipping. We also retuned the FX Modulation unit for better results.


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RecordStudio for the iPhone

This is a new 4 track app called RecordStudio. Here’s what the developer has to say.

A day of joy! RecordStudio for iPhone and iPod Touch (2G) is available in the app store. Record up to four tracks of CD quality audio, use the built in metronome to find the perfect groove or import your own sound files and record additional tracks on top. Download your music also on the go through the integrated web-browser.
WiFi-sync your instrumentals and recordings. RecordStudio gives you totally new perspectives in living your musical creativity everywhere you go – For only $4.99.

I haven’t tried it yet, but if anyone has any experience of it then please get in touch.

App store link:

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LittleSnapper for iPhone now available

I posted on this app a while ago, and it has now been released. Still looks like a good alternative for taking snaps on the iPhone camera.

LittleSnapper at the app store:


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Duckslinger for NDS (via Truechip)

Here’s a new tracker for the DS called Duckslinger. This tracker doesn’t use samples but uses the internal DS sounds.

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Concretedog on BBC Radio Wales: iPlayer Link

Here’s the iPlayer link to Concretedog’s BBC Radio Wales show from yesterday. Concretedog is on at about 2 hours and 16 minutes. A good show all round though.

If you have shows or radio appearances coming up and would like to share them then please email them.

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Little Boots new album available for pre-order

Why is this news? Well, Little Boots is one of the few artists I know of who (recently) performed live with a tenori-on and a stylophone. Worth a mention.

Her new album is available for pre-order on iTunes (button below), and although not everyone’s cup of tea does have the previously mentioned tenori-on and stylophone track on it.

Little Boots

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Looptastic Electro Edition update

The original Looptastic app has also been updated now, and has a new FX panel and mix recording.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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Looptastic Producer Edition update

Looptastic Producer now features the ability to record your mixes in version 1.1. Excellent news.

Looptastic Producer edition available at the iTunes app store by clicking the button below:
Looptastic Producer

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