New Palm Sounds site coming

The ‘site’ part of Palm Sounds is looking quite tired and not entirely useful, so I thought I’d start to renovate it. I’m hoping to have a new look site in the next week or so and, if everything goes to plan I’ll have one or two new things to show as well.

Stay tuned.

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Another circuit bent VL-1 on eBay

Another one of these. Looks nice.

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Radiophonic Workshop at the Roundhouse

For those who are interested, the Radiophonic workshop are playing at the Roundhouse and doing a Q&A talk beforehand too. Check out the Roundhouse site for more information.

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Hope for 2009 Mobile Music Workshop

Details are still sketchy, but it looks like there’s still hope for the 2009 Mobile Music Workshop which is good news. As soon as I can post more details I will.

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303 in the Wire

The Wire has an article in this month’s edition (issue 303) on the infamous Roland TB 303.

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Ellatron 1.3 video

YouTube via Matrixsynth
“Despite the 1.2 legend on the control panel, this is in fact the first build of the 1.3 feature set, including multiple chord banks – 16, which carry around with them Tape Frame settings – and a revamped set of tonewheel organs, which sound excellent.”

You can find Ellatron on iTunes here:

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Ok, this is a bit off topic to be honest as the app is for the desktop, but as the article on Matrixsynth says, it does look a lot like Electroplankton. It also reminds me of Spore on the iPhone. I think that this should be an iPhone or Windows Mobile app really, perhaps one day it will be.

Microsia site here.

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