Ondo: Music Editing Phone

Thank to boombaum for pointing me at this. Ondo is described as a music editing phone targeting the music enthusiast who seeks to interactively capture and edit sounds. Pilotfish (the developer) describe the device as “Going beyond software-based solutions of other products, it is specifically designed to effectively collect pure sounds and is specially constructed to create a tactile sound editing experience.

Some of the entries in their FAQ are give some clue as to the stage they’re at:

Ondo is a design concept. Demo prototypes may be created in order to help demonstrate the benefits of the device. We at Pilotfish would be delighted to push this concept into production with interested partners.

And what kind of software/hardware could possibly go with it:

Do you envision an ecosystem for a device like Ondo?
The advantage of such a device is that a range of services and accessories can accompany it in order to enhance the joy of sound capturing and editing. From a business perspective, most of the players in the mobile world can benefit: for example, content creators – by providing sound libraries or musical games for download; operators – by facilitating increased user interaction; and device manufacturers – by producing accessories such as input devices, Bluetooth instruments, etc.

This is a fantastic concept, and I really hope it gets off the ground in the not too distant future.

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Devs positive about webOS

PalmInfocenter has a post about developers reactions to, and praise for Palm’s webOS. I can’t think that any music / multimedia developers will be so positive, but I guess I could be wrong?

At the same time MotionApps have announced the first tranche of developers to start compatibility testing their apps with the classic emulator.

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BugLabs open house next week (29 April)

BugLabs are having an open house next week, but New York is a long way for me to go I think. Shame.

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More OP-1 sounds

More sound samples from the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering.

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Vivace Multi-Touch Portable Music Studio Concept

This has been everywhere over the last few days, and I have to admit that it is an interesting idea. From my own perspective it is a little big, I’d like to see something like this but netbook sized. However, it is impressive.

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Pete Cole on VIM and cross platform coding

Ok, I admit that this is a bit off topic, but it makes for interesting reading especially if you are interested in or working with cross platform coding, and Pete always has useful stuff to say!

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Ellatron 1.2

Ellatron 1.2 is at the app store. The new version includes:

– Chord Mode
– Fat keys
– Save/Restore of mode and voice settings

Ellatron at the app store:


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