New OP-1 Synth String Sample

A new example of the OP-1. Interesting, if a little unusual.

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Beat Sequencer Lite

This is another app I’ve avoided for a while, not knowing whether I was going to find it useful or not. However, now there’s a ‘lite; version I can give it a try and find out what it’s like.

BeatSequencer Lite:

BeatSequencer BoomBap Drum Studio Lite

BeatSequencer original version:

BeatSequencer BoomBap Drum Studio

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Apologies to Concretedog

Thanks to those who pointed out that I had the wrong link in my post about Concretedog. The links are now fixed on the original post.

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ZoozBeat updated and community site

Zoozbeat, the gestural music app has been updated and now includes a user community where you can upload your tracks and listen to other peoples. The update also has some bug fixes too.

They’ve also released a new ‘Latin’ version of the app at the same time, but I don’t know much about this at the moment.

New ZoozBeat ‘Latin’ at the app store:

ZOOZbeat Latin

Zoozbeat ‘Classic’ at the app store:

ZOOZbeat Classic

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Star Guitar Free

Although I haven’t played with Star Guitar a great deal since it came out, I did enjoy it a lot. So if you haven’t tried it as yet, you can now go risk free by checking out the free version that’s just come out.

Get the free version at the iTunes App Store:

Star Guitar FREE

Click the link below to find the original Star Guitar at the iTunes App Store

Star Guitar

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