Matrixsynth posts about a new DS sequencer called Seno. Here it is:

* 16 Layers ( 8x 16-step sequencer , 8x Bouncer (Tenori-On style)
* 16 pattern per layer
* 16 Voices
* Each layer could be played polyphone or monophone
* Drum trigger or Notes mode
* Volumes per step
* Audio Delay effect per layer
* Live pattern recording and arranging via Stylus
* Transpose
* Step sequencer layer with different speed and start/end points
* BPM 40-240
* Swing
* Overdrive
* Low latency playback engine
* Mixer
* Song with max. 256 Measures, live arranging via Stylus
* Live switching from Song to Layer/Block mode
* lots of internal sounds
* loading of WAV files
* Save/Load your work
* Midi”

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