Concretedog on his Gameboy Groovebox

Concretedog’s been busy with the Gameboy’s. Read about it here.

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Camera Zoom for iPhone

It has to be said that the camera in the iPhone is pretty poor considering the rest of the hardware. And even my old Treo 650 had a zoom on the camera app, so why didn’t Apple build one in for their camera? Who knows.

Anyway, someone else has fixed the problem (as often happens), with this app, Camera Zoom. TUAW has a review of it here. TUAW seem to by quite pleased with it overall, so I may give it a go soon.

Camera Zoom is available in the iTunes app store.

Camera Zoom

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Seno for DS

Matrixsynth posts about a new DS sequencer called Seno. Here it is:

* 16 Layers ( 8x 16-step sequencer , 8x Bouncer (Tenori-On style)
* 16 pattern per layer
* 16 Voices
* Each layer could be played polyphone or monophone
* Drum trigger or Notes mode
* Volumes per step
* Audio Delay effect per layer
* Live pattern recording and arranging via Stylus
* Transpose
* Step sequencer layer with different speed and start/end points
* BPM 40-240
* Swing
* Overdrive
* Low latency playback engine
* Mixer
* Song with max. 256 Measures, live arranging via Stylus
* Live switching from Song to Layer/Block mode
* lots of internal sounds
* loading of WAV files
* Save/Load your work
* Midi”

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Mixtikl iPhone progress update

Things are moving on at intermorphic on the iPhone version of Mixtikl. Pete Cole’s blog has an update where you can read more.

Looking forward to the new version for Windows Mobile too.

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Paul van Dyk PvD DJ iPhone App For DJs (via Synthtopia

Synthtopia have this piece on a new DJ app from Paul van Dyk. At first I thought this might be quite interesting, but it turns out to be effectively a collection of mini apps in one all designed to be used by DJ’s, but not actually a DJ’ing app itself. Never mind.

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Megasynth now available (you probably know that by now)

Of course, MegaSynth has been released at last. I’ve had a quick play with the app, and it is amazing. I’ve only had a while to check it out, but I was really impressed with the ‘experimental’ bank of sounds, which sounded a lot like sounds from the old BBC radiophonic workshop. I just could help making myself a Dr Who incidental soundtrack. I may have to start making recordings of this stuff too.

Anyway, you can find Megasynth at the app store by clicking the button below. I think you’ll this app.


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SRV Lenny iphone guitar by moonbuz

SRV Lenny iphone guitar by moonbuz. Nice.

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