miniMusic Pianofly beta

Thanks to everyone who contacted miniMusic for their Pianofly iPhone application beta test.

I think miniMusic have the numbers needed now, but if you are still interested you might get into the beta. Contact minIMusic and see if they are still looking.

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WaveSynth for iPhone

WaveSynth is a General MIDI synth for the iPhone. The app has some performance features to it, but aside from that you don’t seem to be able to adjust the sound from the 128 presets.


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Lake Piano now available

I’m really not sure whether I should try this or not, on the one hand it sounds like a really unusual idea, and on the other hand I can’t think of a way in which I’d use it.

Lake Piano at the App Store:

Lake Piano

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BugLabs looking back over the last 3 years.

Interesting thoughts from BugLabs on how they have developed over the last three years.

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Gamesalad prep their first iPhone game

Gamesalad are getting their first iPhone game ready for release on the app store. Why is this news? Because it was made with their Gamesalad software and not in Xcode!!!

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