miniMusic looking for Pianofly beta testers

miniMusic is looking for around 1 to 2 dozen beta testers for their Pianofly iPhone application.

If you’re interested head over to the beta test page at miniMusic. You’ll need some experience of FM synthesis and the time to test, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile as I’m really looking forward to this app.

minIMusic are looking to select testers by the end of this week, so don’t wait too long to check it out.

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BassLine on sale

BassLine is on sale at £2.39 to celebrate the release of version 1.4 with lots of new features. I must get round to trying these out soon.

Bassline for iPhone at the App Store

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Pixelh8 software now free

True Chip posts about Pixelh8 software now being free. I went over to the Pixelh8 site and not only found the now free software, but also this statement from September 2008:

I am currently developing software for DS, DSi, Android, Symbian, iPhone and BBC Micro systems, these are some of my previous pieces of software.

Which is excellent news indeed (I realise I’m a bit late on this).

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Sound in Classic

Sound capability in Classic. Things are starting to look more promising for the Pre

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Ellatron 1.1

Ellatron 1.1 is at the app store. More voices are included with this update. 1.2 still on the way.


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Anyone help with TRAXXPAD?

There’s a comment on this post on Traxxpad that I can’t help with. If anyone is a PSP owner who can help please comment in on this.

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How do you use you iPhone apps?

Now that there are loads of useful iPhone music apps around and more being added daily, I thought I’d ask how you’re using them?

Do you use apps with a recorder or on their own? Do you export samples and then bring them back into other apps? Or maybe you do something even more creative that I can’t think of.

Leave a comment in or email to the usual address.

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