More on MegaSynth

More on the awesome looking MegaSynth from Yonac. The options are really something else

– 5-voice polyphony (max # of fingertips allowed on the iPhone = 5)
– 3 Oscillators, 7 waveforms
– Triad arp and chordmaker (”Chordmatic”) with 23 scales
– 24-bucket step sequencer
– Dual keyboards
– Accelerometer-controlled pitch, cutoff, resonance
– Very many LFOs (4 to be exact: filter, pitch, volume…4th is optional audible LFO)
– Recording, wi-fi file export/import
– Saves infinite user presets; comes with 209 factory presets
– FX module with reverb and modulation
– Monophonic keyboard option also included

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MegaSynth Coming Soon

Head over to to check out their new app for iphone called MegaSynth. The app is big brother to their previous app MiniSynth. Check out the info on their site, this synth looks really amazing.

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