Re-purposing projects

I have lots of projects that I plan to start, and many of them get part way done, but lots stop or don’t get off the ground. Of the many I have a bunch of devices that I’ve been given on the grounds that ‘I’d rather give it to you than through it away as I know you’ll use it for something‘. What I plan to do with these (most of the anyway) is to re-purpose them into something useful again, or at least useful for me anyway.

The first is quite an easy project. It is an old Sony Clie NX73V which I originally owned a number of years ago and has changed hands quite a number of times since then. It has finally arrived back again and I decided that I would make use of the Yamaha sound card in the machine.

Originally Sony did not support the streaming API on a load of their Clie models meaning that apps like Microbe and Bhajis were not supported. However, a very clever Japanese Clie enthusiast developed ‘Modern Clie Audio‘ which made it possible to run these apps without any issues.

My plan is to use the sound capabilities on the Clie an hopefully make some recordings using the sound card as it has quite an interesting sound to it, almost chiptune.

The pictures are on the Flickr group

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Circuit bent VL-1 ending today

Circuit bent VL-1 on eBay. This one ends today.

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Picture from Reware at FACT

Looks like they had a good time with the iPod re-purposing workshop at FACT. According to the Reware site the is ‘more iPod madness coming soon‘. Who knows what that means?

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BugLabs modules review

Bus Labs blog posts on a recent review of the BUGSound module by Dr Dobbs which makes for interesting reading. The modules are still not available in the UK, but it is getting closer.

I especially like the conclusion in the article,

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iSyn manual

I decided to check out the iSyn manual following a comment from Mark. Thanks Mark.

The manual makes for very interesting reading indeed and shows off some of the power and complexity of this app. That of course assumes that it will eventually arrive at the app store. I’m still hoping it isn’t vaporware.

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