New track on MySpace

I only managed one new track onto the Palm Sounds MySpace page today. It is another track made with Mixtikl from Intermorphic. It is a jolly little track, and I hope you enjoy it.

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YUDO apps this spring?

I got an email from YUDO today (I emailed them asking about their app plans for this spring). Here’s what they said:

we will release multitrack recorder and synthesizer applications

Nice to know their still aiming for that multitrack this spring.

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BassLine update coming

BassLine is getting an update, Here’s what’s coming:

  • Added a gain slider for overdrive/distorsion effects
  • Added a tape delay effect unit
  • Added a button to lock sequencer controls
  • Added a mute button
  • Modified the behavior of the start/stop button: when an external clock source is used, tapping resets the sequencers playhead
  • Reduced playback buffer duration to 3 msec for iPod Touch 2G, 12 msec otherwise
  • Bug fixes, optimizations

Bassline for iPhone at the App Store

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Lots of rumours on the new iPhone

The last couple of days have seen loads of rumours of new functionality in the 3.0 update as well as hardware. If you believe it all we might see:

– Video capture (finally)
– An improved camera
– Video editing and upload to mobileMe
– FM reception and transmission !!
– A camera on the iPod Touch?

I doubt we’ll see it all. I would like to see Apple doing something innovative around video capture. There have been lots of creative image capture and manipulation apps for the iPhone since it launched and I can only hope that if video does come to the iPhone we’ll see the same in terms of editing and mobile movie making.

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Styletap update

I got an email from Styletap about the latest version of their Palm OS (Garnet) emulator for Windows Mobile. The new version contains a bunch of fixes, but one in particular was interesting:

Improvements to buffering strategy for audio recording and playback

This could be a step closer to better Bhajis performance in Styletap, but also could mean the same for any iPhone version they get to release. Good news all round.

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More Mixtikl tracks coming soon

Having posted a new track to the Palm Sounds MySpace page yesterday I’ve got two more to put up later.

If you have new releases coming out please let me know at the usual email address.

Anyone use Twitter?

I was wondering about using twitter so I thought I’d ask if any readers are twittering and if I should do a bit more with my twitter account?

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