MotionApps ‘Classic’ emulator for webOS

This is an interesting twist as I’m sure that early on Styletap said that they would look to create a Garnet emulator for Palm’s webOS. According to the motionApps blog apps in the classic emulator won’t be able to “leverage core webOS functionality“. I am guessing that this means that they won’t have access to low level media functionality? Who knows?

The other interesting thing to note is that motionApps have developed some of their existing palm apps for the iPhone. Does this mean that they could possibly bring a Palm OS Garnet emulator to the iPhone?

Anyway, I used the motionApps classic page to tell them that I wanted to run Bhajis Loops and Sunvox in their emulator. I wonder what kind of response I get?

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  1. A palm OS emulator for iphone was already made/announced about a year ago. I’m not sure about the details, but I’m sure google could dig somethin up.A C64 emulator was also being developed too!

  2. It was the styletap emulator but Apple’s licence agreement precludes emulators of any kind for the iphone platform. Unless they remove the restriction we’ll never see palm apps on the ipnone.

  3. But the Styletap has one drawback: you can’t run the basic PALM apps, like Contacts, Calender or NOtes.If PALM was clever, they’d bring a classic PALM OS emulator to the iPhone for $30 and be instantly rich!They’d even won’t touch their future customers, because buyers of that emulator wouldn’t buy a PALM Pre…

  4. Styletap could let you run Bhajis Loops and Microbe though, and they have been very helpful in getting apps working on their platform.As for the drawbacks I know what you mean about palm launching their emulator for the iphone. Maybe they will?Like the chip emulator, nice looking app.

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