Ocarina now comes to the iPod Touch. The new version operates in two modes, the original where you blow into the mic, and now a touch mode.

If anyone has tried this on a touch please let me know what you think.

Ocarina at the iTunes app store:

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  1. Yup, got it yesterday. Works ok with Touch, but you lose the expression as it’s just on/off for the sounds. Works great with my iVoicePro microphone though. Not the easiest instrument to play, but sounds rather nice if you avoid the rather harsh re-trigger that sounds a bit unnatural.

  2. If you have an iPhone, or an external mic for an iPod, then yes it is worth it. Otherwise I’d say no, because it’s basically just a synth (or sample player probably) with an odd keyboard then!I’ll be writing a bit about breath control on my blog soon.

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