Sunvox video: Make 8bit tunes in Sunvox

This is a great little video. Not only does it show how to make some 8bit sounds but also gives you a quick view on using Sunvox

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Early feedback on Sunvox 1.3

Here’s some early feedback on Sunvox 1.3 from Drewzle running the app on a Palm OS TX.

hey man, been playing with 1.3 on my TX all day today…runs without a hitch, sounds as lovely as ever and the new features are integrated seamlessly. the ability to resize the piano is very handy, in fact now in 1.3 you can resize any part of the screen which really helps workflow and makes the app much friendlier than earlier versions.

the Sunvox synths sound so nice…

I’ve installed it to my Axim and it now runs in landscape automatically. The first observation is the keyboard resize, which is excellent. More tomorrow on this one when I get to play with it on the train.

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Looptastic video

This is a video of the electro version of the app, but there are a bunch of other versions available too, so I’ve listed them below.

Looptastic Electo edition:
Looptastic Electro Edition

Looptastic Progressive edition:
Looptastic Progressive Edition

Looptastic minimal edition:
Looptastic Minimal Edition

Looptastic breakbeat edition:
Looptastic Breakbeat Edition

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TechnoBox video

I’ve not had enough time to play with this app properly, but this video shows it off well.

technoBox (303 808 909 studio)

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Working together in Windows Mobile

I’m using a variety of apps in Windows Mobile now. Here’s my list:

Audiobox Microcomposer
Pocket Stompbox

What I’ve been experimenting with is taking wave file outputs from one app and pulling it into another. So far I’ve imported percussion loops from Sunvox into Mixtikl, and exported audio from Mixtikl (which is quite a lot of fun once you get the hang of it).

What I have struggled with though is getting the audio export form Mixtikl into MeTeoR to use it as a loop. MeTeoR only imports at 44khz and Mixtikl outputs at 22, so, what can I do? Any suggestions?

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