Noise IO Pro 1.3 available

A new version of Noise IO Pro Synth has been released. The changes include:

  • You can now record with the metronome click (requested by many of you)
  • Settings are now located not separately, but inside (button next to the Main Menu button)
  • Totally reworked Record menu. Record menu now includes “File Browser”, the same module that you will find in all upcoming Amidio apps.

Use File Browser to:

  • Export files to ioLibrary
  • Rename/delete/view/play files
  • Load files to play along with
  • Start server over wi-fi

Noise IO Pro available at the iTunes App Store

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  1. Recording is very welcome, but I seem to struggle to get it to record a complete loop. No idea why!Has to be said though, when Noise.IO shines, it really shines. Such great sound. Whilst I have zero idea how to create patches that sound even remotely usable, the available downloads are incredible.

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