iPhone OS 3.0: What’s new so far (2)

Well, not much more came out after my first post, at least not much more for audio / music apps anyway. I’m still interested to hear developer views on the new APIs, but I’m guessing that this will take a little while to filter through.

Like many others I was hoping for video, and I still can’t see why they can’t do it, but let’s hope it will come soon.

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  1. No folders then? What an annoyance. I’m fed up of deleting things all the time and moving them around between 9 stupid pages.The only thing I’m excited about is the use of the dock connector for additional hardware. Presumably the devs can write drivers for things like keyboards (qwerty and midi-over-usb), game pads, Korg nanos ;o) etc. That would truly rock.

  2. I know what you mean. You think they’d do something about the app / home page situation, but it just hasn’t seemed to surface. Maybe something will make it into the final version.I’m hoping for something decent hardware side too. Maybe even a hardware multitrack that uses the iphone / touch but is smaller than the tunestudio.

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