Gamesalad iPhone details emerge

Gamesalad have issued a press release confirming details of their programme for developing interactive media and games for the iPhone platform.

With GameSalad, Gendai Games promises the easiest way to develop and publish interactive media for the iPhone, eliminating the requirement to channel software through Xcode and other programming environment. “Our goal has been to make it possible for the 99% of the population who do not program the ability to design, develop, and sell their own games,” says Michael Agustin, CEO of Gendai Games. “Our tools have evolved to the point that we can now make that a possibility.”

All of this is pretty well in keeping with the iPhone 3.0 announcement early and sounds like it should make programmes like Gamesalad much more workable.

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Synthesizer 2.2 update

This app has been updated. The latest version now has pitch shift, harmonic change, memory for user settings, and a shake back to factory settings option, all of which will start to make this an interesting little application.

Synthesizer available at the iTunes App Store

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Randgrid 1.0.3 update

Randgrid gets an update today. Version 1.0.3 includes some feature tweaks and bug fixes.

Randgrid available at the iTunes App Store

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Dilemma update

Update on my dilema. I’d been looking at the MWg Zinc II Windows Mobile smartphone. But one of my pre-requisites was to be able to run MeTeoR (multitrack from 4Pockets). However, to run MeTeoR you need to read and write an external card. The MWg Zinc II uses microSD cards, and they are not fast at all, in fact the top speed are around x69 or 4MB/s which as you probably know comes nowhere near the x150 or 20MB/s of the top SD cards.

So, the verdict is that using microSD for MeTeoR is not going to get good results until the speeds go up.

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Musique non talent on Vocoder SV-5

This app has only just got released, and I haven’t had a chance to play with it at all as yet, but you can read some initial thoughts on the Musique non talent blog. More soon.

Vocoder Synthesizer SV-5

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iPhone OS 3.0: What’s new so far (2)

Well, not much more came out after my first post, at least not much more for audio / music apps anyway. I’m still interested to hear developer views on the new APIs, but I’m guessing that this will take a little while to filter through.

Like many others I was hoping for video, and I still can’t see why they can’t do it, but let’s hope it will come soon.

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iPhone OS 3.0: What’s new so far (1)

Looks like the iPhone 3.0 could have some interesting things for developers. So far:

  • 1000 new APIs for developers
  • Peer to Peer support
  • Accessory support (hardware add-ons like TuneStudio maybe?)
  • New sales methods like subscriptions and in app sales (loops / instruments / patch banks?)
  • The much requested cut and paste (1 of 100 new features apparently)

I’d be very interested in developer’s views on the new features and APIs and what they might mean for mobile music apps. More soon …

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